Charles Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation, and legendary businessman recently wrote in his 2019 book, INVESTED:

“To this day I encourage young executives to get training in public speaking. No matter how good they are, mastering those moments in front of an audience is crucial to leading others, and it rarely comes naturally.”

Recent graduates of college or graduate school with a law, MBA, political science, or any college or advanced degree should develop great communication and speaking skills as they start their career. Believe me, in my work as a trial lawyer I see many young attorneys who are poor public speakers. And they are starting a career aspiring to be a trial lawyer where communication skills are everything! As the owner of a real estate franchise, I see many young aspiring sales people who are also very poor communicators. There is no doubt that the lack of communication skills severely hampers the ability for the young person to advance and be successful.

The good news is that great speaking skills are a learned skillset. I am one hundred percent sure of this because I have often seen dramatic improvement with my clients after just one three hour personal coaching session. One reasons for this quick improvement is that most people have grave misconceptions about what it takes to be an excellent speaker and communicator. My students often think it’s about posture, diction, hand position, gestures, movements, and specific techniques. They want to know what they should memorize and how to memorize. They want to know where to walk on the stage and how to gesture.

But that’ s not what great speaking is at all. It’s not what you say; it’s how you make your audience feel. You can’t make people feel emotion and passion if you are hiding behind scripts, memorization, and power-point. It’s not about the ability to read smoothly. It’s all about the emotional connection and the speaker being his or her authentic self while in front of an audience.

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