The Dynamic Team Behind The Business Speaking academy

About Andy - President Business Speaking Academy

Andy has thirty-five years of speaking experience in the areas of law, politics, business, finance, and real estate. Andy's unusually varied background has enabled him to observe and learn from some of the greatest speakers in these professions. In the courtroom, Andy has fought some of the toughest criminal defense lawyers in South Florida, often with great success. Andy is known for his great communication skills, powerful physical presence, and dynamic presentation style.

Andy Newman is uniquely qualified to teach you many of the valuable techniques that he has learned and personally used with great success.

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Education and Professional Credentials

Andy graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s in Labor Relations in 1978 and from the University of Miami School of Law in 1981. He has been a licensed Florida real estate agent since 1980 and real estate broker since 1987. Andy obtained his Series 7 stockbroker's license in 2000, along with the Series 63 and is a Certified Financial Manager.

Andy’s excellent education along with his real-world practical experience provides him with the background to help you become a better communicator.

Speaking Experience in the Political World

Andy served as Regional Director for Citizens for America, an educational foundation based in Washington, D.C. The objective of the organization was to educate the public about specific economic and foreign policy issues. In that capacity, Andy gave numerous speeches to civic, professional, and political organizations and regularly appeared on radio and television.

Andy will teach you the very same skills that he had to learn in order to be an effective speaker in many different settings.

Successful Trial Attorney

Andy served as a prosecuting attorney for nine years in Palm Beach County where he tried many high profile cases and convicted some of the  area’s  most  vicious criminals. Andy’s very first murder trial in 1986 was also one of the first trials to be nationally televised. Andy has tried many cases against the most prominent defense attorneys in South Florida and continues to be well know, respected, and admired in the legal community. He has continued to serve in Broward County for over sixteen years specializing in prosecuting extremely serious domestic violence cases.

Andy will give you insight into the techniques used by the very best trial attorneys to effectively speak, communicate, and persuade.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

In 1987, Andy founded a South Florida real estate firm, which eventually became a small chain of real estate agencies in South Florida. Andy personally trained every real estate agent that worked for his firm. In addition, Andy developed complex logistical systems to enable the firm to operate more effectively. Andy’s Systems and Operations Manual was so sophisticated that the highly respected Keyes Real Estate Company approached Andy in 2000 and purchased his firm.

Andy currently owns a residential brokerage franchise, NextHome Today, based in Boca Raton, Fl. The  NextHome Corp., located in Silicon Valley, is the fastest growing franchise  in the USA with over four  hundred franchises currently.

Mass Media Experience

Throughout his legal career, Andy tried several high profile criminal cases that were featured on the news throughout South Florida. While working in the political arena, Andy appeared on well over 100 radio and television shows in every imaginable format.

Andy will teach you the same methods that enabled him to deal effectively with the media.

Andy’s Belief in Learning from the Best

Through his varied career, Andy has had the unique opportunity to observe and learn from the greatest speakers in law, politics, business, finance, and real estate. Andy is a firm believer in observing and learning from the best in every field and when it comes to the field of public speaking and communication he has done just that.

Andy’s techniques developed from years of studying the best speakers will help you immediately improve your communication skills.

The Reading

Anyone who knows Andy would tell you that he loves to read and in fact reads an incredible amount. His personal library includes over one thousand books about his favorite topics such as business, politics, law, government, entrepreneurship, and the Presidency.

Andy’s desire for knowledge provides him with numerous anecdotes, examples, and lessons, which makes his seminar extremely effective, interesting, and educational.

The Business Speaking Academy Workshops

Andy’s presentations are lively, fast-paced, and interactive. He teaches and entertains the students with "real-life examples" from his own diverse professional experiences. The interactive BSA workshop enables students to actively participate and receive constructive advice.

In just a few hours, Andy’s signature seminar, ALWAYS OWN THE ROOM, will turn you into a far more effective speaker and communicator.


About Ori – Certified BSA Speaking Instructor

Ori Silver is a graduate of the University of Florida undergraduate and law school. Ori has been a career prosecutor for eighteen years and has tried over one hundred jury trials including the most serious of crimes. She served as a lead felony prosecutor and for the past ten years has been the chief of the Elderly Abuse Unit protecting the elderly.

As a trial lawyer, Ori is known for her engaging personal style using her authentic voice to successfully communicate with juries. As a speaker, Ori frequently presents seminars on various legal and civic topics as a member of the Law Related Education Committee. On the topic of elderly abuse, Ori has given numerous speeches and presentations to law enforcement, civic groups and professional associations. Ori’s down to earth, engaging, humorous, and conversational style is a great example of how to speak and present in public.

Having teamed up with Andy on many big trials, Ori is also the first Certified Instructor of the Business Speaking Academy. Andy and Ori teaching and critiquing at the same time has greatly benefited our students because of their unique and different styles and personalities.