Many of our great entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders consistently say that great speaking and communication skills contributed greatly to their success. The tremendous entrepreneur, Charles Schwab, had a vision of bringing lower commissions to the investing masses and he executed that vision amazingly building the Charles Schwab Corp. from nothing to the vast successful enterprise that it is today. In his recent fascinating 2019 book, INVESTED, he states that:

“To this day I encourage young executives to get training in public speaking. No matter how good they are, mastering those moments in front of an audience is crucial to  leading others, and it rarely comes naturally.”

Many prominent business people share this view. Howard Schulz, Chairman, and CEO stated that “I’ve been blessed with the ability to communicate with all kinds of people to build a common thread of understanding.”

Suze Orman, CNBC host, and personal finance author stated that “I am blessed with the gift of communication and unlimited passion for this topic. “Jeff Taylor, Founder of said that “I’ve always felt that as CEO of an organization, you’ve got to be willing to put yourself in front of the brand.”


Howard Shultz has told the story many times of how his dad broke his ankle in 1961, leaving his family with no income, insurance, or safety net. Shultz always tells the story to his employees to illustrate his vision that Starbucks was to be a different type of company, one in which the employees are respected and treated with dignity in the workplace. Obviously, by telling this story, Schultz is using his own personal experience to inspire the employees, shareholders, and partners in Starbucks.

After President Reagan passed away on June 5th, 2004, columnist David Broker wrote “because he could persuade almost anyone of anything, changes that would otherwise have been impossible to imagine did happen. And the world is profoundly different because of him.”

Setting politics aside, millions of people loved President Reagan because of his unshakeable confidence, vision, and optimism. No one believed in the American dream more than Reagan and because of that, he made Americans feel as though they also could achieve the American dream themselves.

Richard Branson, the billionaire founder and Chairman of the Virgin Business Empire always has fun. Branson may seem passionate about starting companies from scratch and turning them into global brands, but he is also passionate about having fun while he is doing it. Branson is an exceptional communicator because he shows his passion through action as well as words. His zest for life becomes obvious when he performs such stunts as dropping into the center of Times Square wearing nothing but a strategically placed cell phone. Because of his energy, enthusiasm, and passion, investors want to support him, customers want to buy from him, and smart people want to work for him.

The late Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, and Pixar Chairman is considered to have been one of the greatest presenters and pitchman in business history. But how did he do it? He always wanted to change the world and his passion came through during his legendary product presentations. His original mission, when he started Apple, was not simply to build a new computer box, but rather to create a whole new experience for the user. With Pixar, Jobs’s mission was to reinvent the whole concept of movie animation. In 1983 Jobs was trying to recruit John Scully, an executive in the beverage industry, to run Apple and Jobs famously said, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world? “ Needless to say Sculley took the position.

Any inspiring speaker can learn from this great business communicators. Here are just a few key techniques used by the great business speakers:

  • Visualize great things
  • Speak  in the moment
  • Keep it simple and concise
  • Be a straight  shooter
  • Be  an optimist
  • Focus on the future
  • Be authentic and real
  • Stand for something

The greatest business speakers are inspirational and motivational. Any aspiring speaker’s goal should be to emulate these great leaders who understand the keys to effective and dynamic communication.

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