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Individual Coaching

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Coaching Tailored to Your Needs


Many speaking courses require hours – even months – to complete. At the Business Speaking Academy, we know that your time is valuable. Andy’s material is distilled to the essentials so you can make changes fast.


With meetings available face-to-face or online, coaching can work with your life instead of being one more thing to worry about. And, with meeting times ranging from half an hour to all-in-one, you’re able to choose what works best for you.


With over 35 years of business speaking experience, Andy knows what works. Don’t waste critical time stumbling through books and internet articles, hoping something will make a difference – take your future into your own hands and get the results you deserve. By working with Andy, you’ll get the results you need.

Packages for Your Needs


90 minutes of coaching* – this tier is great for:

  • Speech and presentation advice
  • Content organization
  • Ideas and brainstorming

*Limited to phone or video call unless entire time block is used in one session


  • Two hours of coaching to cover the essentials of great executive speaking
  • One hour of video and review
  • Lightning drills to improve skills


Six hours to cover everything you need to make sure you Always Own the Room. In addition to the topics covered in the Silver package, you get:

  • The tools you need to analyze presentation topics and organize for your audience
  • Extensive video and review to maximize your impact and keep you authentic, persuasive, and understandable


Nine hours of extensive coaching and preparation, with all of the benefits of the Gold and Silver tiers, plus:

  • Full speech and presentation critique and focused coaching

Not sure which package is best for you? Set up a call!

Knowing what you need to succeed is the best way to make change. Get in touch so we can help you figure it out.

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