What does it mean for you to speak like a CEO? It means you are speaking with great clarity, simplicity, and vision. The best CEOs are also great leaders, persuaders, and visionaries often with superb communication skills. Great speaking skills, however, aren’t just for CEOS but rather for anyone who wants to be an effective leader in any size organization.

It’s very important to have one big concept in your speech or presentation. Too many confusing ideas, too many statistics, and too many words will often lead to a confused and muddled message. The goal for you as a speaker is to have one big concept delivered with laser-like focus in a short period of time. The message should be clear, simple, and straightforward in order to be memorable to the audience.

The legendary Steve Jobs was known for his extreme devotion to the concept of simplicity. Simplicity in the design of his devices, simplicity in the ease of use, simplicity in marketing, and simplicity in his incredible product presentations. He never spoke about the technology “under the hood” of his devices. He always painted a picture of what the device would do for the customer. The best example of this was when he pulled a tiny device out of his jeans pocket, the iPod, seen for the very first time by the public and said:

“1000 songs in your pocket.”

That phrase said it all. Simple. Clear. Brilliant.

Learn to tell a story to illustrate your big idea. I recently coached a young franchisee who was invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual convention for her company. She had never spoken in public before. The purpose of her speech was for her to help the other franchisees improve their operations. In order to prepare her, I told her a few stories about two great businessmen Ray Kroc the McDonalds founder and Sam Walton the Walmart founder. Kroc was so obsessive with operational details that McDonald’s developed a consistency that no competitor could match. Similarly, Walton, from day one, had a very specific vision and focus (always give the consumer lots of choices and the lowest price) which he clearly communicated to his employees, gaining his company a great competitive edge. The stories of these two legendary businessmen and how they built their companies were relevant to the franchisees as they directly pertained to operational efficiency. My student called me after her presentation to tell me she received a standing ovation.

If you want to speak like a great CEO be an optimist and straight shooter, learn to tell stories and learn to speak with clarity, simplicity, vision, optimism, and one big idea.

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Andy Newman
Business Speaking Academy, Inc.
Boca Raton, Fl.