Customized Training and Interactive Workshops for Your Firm

Corporate Training

Business Speaking Academy President Andy Newman will deliver his lively, informative, and entertaining workshop
ALWAYS OWN THE ROOM at your location or by zoom.


Customized Training

The Business Speaking Academy fully recognizes that every company is different. Accordingly, your industry and your company may have very specific training needs for your employees to become more proficient communicators. Therefore, we will completely customize our program in a manner that works best for your firm. For example, one firm might want small workshops with four people in attendance and another firm might want a seminar for thirty employees. Whatever your needs, we will design the right program for your firm.

Interactive Workshops

Our workshops are known to be dynamic, educational, and entertaining. Participants will actually give presentations, which are often videotapes. More importantly, everyone will receive immediate feedback, critiques, and advice from our experienced instructors and speakers.


Our Philosophy

We believe that speaking and presentation skills are a learned skillset. Based on our extensive experience, we have seen many participants immediately and dramatically improve after they work with us. We firmly believe that developing great communication skills is all about learning to speak with authenticity and within your own unique personality. After working with the Business Speaking Academy, your team will see an amazing transformation.